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**THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS** [entries|friends|calendar]
The All-American Rejects

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18 icons [16 Oct 2009|10:38pm]


ALL HERE @ we_use_cheats
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Pimping a com [03 Sep 2009|01:55am]

My pals and I have opened an AAR slash community where we're posting our fics, and you wil find some Chris/Mike and Nick/Tyson fics there... There's one really long fic, and the rest are mostly drabbles for now, or one-shot....

So come and visit us @ writtenthings!
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31 icons [04 Aug 2009|11:34pm]


ALL HERE @ we_use_cheats
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Smile like you mean it; a Mike Kennerty picspam. [20 Jul 2009|05:56pm]

a Mike Kennerty picspam.

(Smile like you mean it)
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80 icons [18 Jul 2009|04:42am]


ALL HERE @ we_use_cheats
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Fanmix: I start to melt; a Tyson/Nick fanmix. [17 Jul 2009|04:14am]

I start to melt; a Nick/Tyson fanmix.

(I start to melt)
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43 icons [05 Jul 2009|07:18pm]


ALL HERE @ we_use_cheats
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Twins? No just scary similar... [01 Jul 2009|03:53pm]


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icons [27 Jun 2009|01:33am]

Hai there *waves*. I know that the fandom is kind of dead lately *cough* but I wanted to share the shit load of icons I made :B
114 icons: The All-American Rejects, Chris Gaylor, Mike Kennerty, Nick Wheeler & Tyson Ritter:

all here @ we_use_cheats
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aared [17 May 2009|02:24am]

Mods: Delete if it's not allowed.
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interview with Tyson & Mike [12 Mar 2009|03:26pm]

[ mood | happy ]

:) @

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New Single from The All-American Rejects [21 Sep 2008|03:36am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Crossposted from my LJ

Listening to it on their website, www.allamericanrejects, since it was stated on their MySpace bulletin, it'd be available on their site. Heh I waited until 3 AM to listen since it would be available 12:01 AM Pacific time and throughout Sunday.

Starts out with a little soul...quite different from The Rejects since they;re known for their powerpop sound although they did have some techno stuff on their debut record. The song does delve into powerpop after the first verse or so.

I do like the "chant" that comes midway through the tune... :) Anyways anticipating their album :)

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[23 Mar 2008|07:10pm]

12- Billy Martin
15- James Franco
09- Justin Long
09- Tyson Ritter

+ credit
+ comment
+ no stealing
+ no hotlinking
+ no altering
+ do not redistribute


Rest over here. @ my icon journal tragedycalling
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aar poster on sale [20 Jun 2007|03:27pm]

do you guys think its worth it..
i think its kind of cute?


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Punk Goes Acoustic 2 In Stores Now [11 May 2007|12:32pm]

Punk Goes Acoustic 2 is now in stores everywhere!! Head down to your local FYE, Best Buy, Target, Hot Topic, or login to iTunes to pick up the most anticipated comp of 2007!!

Don't miss out.

Go order now at MerchNow and get the most anticipated Punk Goes comp to date!
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Punk Goes Acoustic 2 Extras!! [25 Apr 2007|11:35am]

If you are looking to build up your CD collection or be the first to get your hands on the All American Rejects track, the time is now! When you pre-order PGA2 from Merchnow you have your choice of getting a free additional CD from the Punk Goes series.

Your choices are:

Punk Goes Acoustic
Punk Goes Metal
Punk Goes 80's
Punk Goes 90's
Punk Goes POP

You could also take part in the Punk Goes Acoustic 2 game and sign up to win a signed acoustic guitar by the artists on Punk Goes Acoustic 2!! Check it all out below!

click the link below for details
Punk Goes Acoustic 2
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Last Call! Warped Pre-Sale ENDS FRIDAY at 5pm! [10 Oct 2007|11:10pm]

Don't miss your last chance to get discounted tickets to the 2007 Vans Warped Tour Presented by AT&T! The Pre-Sale will be ending this Friday, April 13, 2007 at 5pm.

Look at the Savings!
$33.50 - Ticketmaster On-Sale Base Price for the 8/2 Cleveland Show
$20.25 - Pre-Sale Ticket Base Price
= $13.25 in SAVINGS!


- Limited Edition 2007 "Lucky 13" Tour T-Shirt
- 2007 Double CD Compilation Album for $3.50
- Discounted 12 month Alternative Press Magazine Subscription also including a "Cut the Autograph Line" Pass

Check our myspace page for all confirmed bands and dates
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2007 Vans Warped Tour presented by AT&T Pre-Sale [02 Apr 2007|01:43pm]

Hey Kids,

The 2007 Vans Warped Tour Presented By AT&T Pre-Sale has officially begun with exclusive giveaways and discounted tickets. Already confirmed for this year's tour are THE MATCHES, Yellowcard, Coheed and Cambria, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Cute is What We Aim For, Bad Religion, Big D and the Kids Table, The Vandals, New Found Glory, The Used, etc with more bands TBA! You don't want to miss this!

Exclusives through the pre-sale:
1 - DISCOUNTED TICKETS - Tickets are reduced through the pre-sale with tickets priced at $20.24/ticket with 25 cents benefiting the Hollywood Heart charity! Tickets sold through the public on-sale can run up to $38/ticket plus ticketmaster service fees!
2 - EXCLUSIVES. Receive a copy of the 2007 Vans Warped Tour Presented By AT&T Double Compilation CD for only an additional $3.50 - half off the retail price!
3 - EXTRAS. For only $10, Receive a 1 year (12 issue) subscription to Alternative Press Magazine plus an AP "CUT" Pass that allows you to cut to the front of the line at any Vans Warped Tour presented by AT&T AP Meet and Greet (this offer only available through the pre-sale).


For more details about the pre-sale, please visit http://www.myspace.com/warpedpresale

Pre-Sales Ending This Week (4/1-4/7)
7/15 – Houston, TX – Reliant Park - Presale ends THURSDAY, APRIL 5th at 5PM Eastern Time
8/2 – Cleveland, OH – Time Warner Cable Amphitheater at Tower City – Presale ends THURSDAY, APRIL 5th at 5PM Eastern Time
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AAR on Punk Goes Acoustic 2!!! [07 Mar 2007|02:39pm]

It was just announced The All-American Rejects are going to be on Punk Goes Acoustic 2! For those of you who haven't heard of the CD, it's where rock bands re-record their songs acoustic.

There's more info on the cd's myspace page and I can't wait to hear what AAR decides to put on it!
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AAR on Leno [11 Jan 2007|11:44pm]

posted from the Rejects Myspace:

Subject: Rejects on Leno (yep, again!)

Body: This Tuesday, Jan. 16th we'll again be returning to the stage of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno!

This will be our fourth appearance on
show, and we couldn't be more stoked. 4 TIMES! Who would have thought?

Anyway, you should be able to guess what song we're going to play, but if you can't its Drive Away.
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